Monday, March 28, 2005

"" and the Iraq war Making Peace With the War in Iraq correctly notes that is downplaying the "out now" approach. But is that wrong?

Iraq was always a tar baby. Hit it and you're stuck. Even the UN won't toss us in the briar patch now.

Vietnam really had no dominoes. Iraq does. Which way are they going to tip? Probably to militant Islam. Shi'ites voted because their Ayatollah told them it was "wajib" (compulsory) to do so. Others voted to keep Shi'ites from taking over.

Right now the best the US can hope for is a Shi'ite theocracy. More likely is civil war.

Think about that. Bush turned our worst nightmare of a few years ago into the best we can hope for. If we are lucky, Iraq will become a militant Islamic theocracy allied to a nuclear armed Iran, where the hardliners will be strengthened.

Not turning Bush out in 2004 did enormous damage to the US, its national interest, and even its national security. Now there is nothing Americans can do about it. Even a Democrat president elected in 2008 will not be able to undo the damage being done now.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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