Friday, May 13, 2005

Why tell W?

from the Louisville Courier-Journal

"When a small private plane entered restricted Washington airspace Wednesday, the ensuing evacuations at the Capitol, White House and Supreme Court were no drill."

. . .

"The President, who was exercising on his mountain bike in a Maryland wildlife park, was not briefed until well after the crisis had passed.

"Mr. Bush was not told of the incident until more than 50 minutes after two F-16 jets were scrambled to meet the intruder. He got the news more than 45 minutes after the evacuations began and the alert status was raised to red. In fact, he was clueless until after the small plane had landed."

. . .

"That is unacceptable. The President is in charge of the nation's security. If authorities believe the capital may be under attack, he must be told."

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