Friday, January 21, 2005

Enough with the exit polls, already!

Stop taking exit polls please! They are a bad idea.

1) Just wait for the votes to be counted. Can't you just wait and do it right? The votes in the booth are supposed to count, not the &%$#! polls. Don't make people think it's over when there are still votes being cast.

2) There are a lot of people who don't answer exit polls, at least not honestly.

Well why should they? What's the point of a secret ballot if you tell some stranger about it? They shouldn't even go around asking people whom they voted for, especially when there are so many nut cases around who think the United Nations is taking over the United States, when the UN is lucky to be running its own bureaucracy.

Seriously, by now there are a statistically significant proportion of people who honestly think that the American news media, with the possible exception of Fox News, is controlled by Satanist Communists, or Illuminati, or gnomes of Zurich, or maybe all three together. Jesse Helms pioneered this with his "stealth voters" who suddenly appeared from no where when the ballots were counted but didn't register in the polling statistics. These people will not answer polls because they think they are run by evil conspirators in black helicopters.

But I won't answer exit polls because it's none of your business. Just wait until the voting is over and count the ballots. Why does the press seem to think their exit polls are worth anything and why should someone even answer them.

I'll get back to that issue of physical ballots later.

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