Tuesday, January 18, 2005


How did W get away with passing as tough on terrorism?

First of all, there is no war on terrorism, how can you have a war against a tactic? Are we attacking the IRA, or the LTTE in Sri Lanka? No, we were attacked by al-Qa'ida, and we should be going after them. Unfortunately the trail has gone cold, while the US military is bogged down in an irrelevant war against somebody who never attacked us and didn't have the power to. Meanwhile we have shown the Muslim world that they can attack us and get away with it, and that if they don't attack us we will attack them anyway.

Bush has blown the war big time, and anyone who cares about making America safe has to try to stop him, any (legal) way we can, and wake people up to the damage he is doing to national security.

The Republican Party is the party of National Security?

Please, don't take me for a fool.

When Bin Ladin attacked the US and Bill Clinton went after him a lot of Republicans insisted this was a "wag the dog" distraction from the real threat to the republic, Monica Lewinsky's mouth. Some of this is still up on the Internet:

World Net Daily

Cutting Edge

Free Republic (aka Freepers)


Marc Perkel Rantz

more Salon.com

(so much for liberal bias!)

more salon.com (and a few Republicans, including Newt Gingrich, did give Clinton the benefit of the doubt).

Worse than Wag the Dog?

CNN, if you don't believe the others

Some of them are still saying it!

Now they want to pretend that anyone who criticizes W is unpatriotic. How could anyone have voted for them. We have to wake people up!

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