Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Islamists vs. warlords in Somalia

Fighting has broken out in the world's only real existing anarchism, Somalia, between Islamic militants tied to Sharia courts and what the UN calls "a newly created group - the Alliance for Peace and Fight Against International Terrorism - which comprises several Mogadishu-based faction leaders" (sounds like the warlords to me. Hard to tell who to root for at this time. I wonder who the "international community" (i.e. the rich, white, industrial countries) will root for.)

more from the UN: (Reuters has the same story)

"Abdullahi Shirwa, a member of Civil Society in Action, an umbrella organisation made up of over 12 groups in Mogadishu, however, said the fighting was an attempt by the alliance "to arrest the influence of the Islamic courts", which, he said, has brought a semblance of order in areas they control."

Somalinet: has basically the same information rewritten.

BBC reports "Somali warlords battle Islamists" and further adds "Supporters of some of the city's militia leaders have clashed with an armed Islamist group which is trying to establish law and order.

"Their opponents say the Islamic courts are terrorising local people. A top cleric says fighting will continue until the other side surrenders.

"Many of the at least 15 deaths have been civilians hit by stray bullets."

. . .

"Their critics accuse the courts of being behind the killing of moderate Muslim scholars."

I suspect that the best information is, as usual, from the Beeb. Their information is probably as spot on as it always is.

There's a poll on the D-Kos site about it.

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