Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Entertainment Weekly's EW.com | Interview: Jane Fonda on her politics

Jane Fonda on her politics:

"People don't realize, I don't think, that I had spent three years working with active-duty soldiers in the Army, in the Navy, in the Marines, and in the Air Force — all over this country. I put together an entertainment tour, with Donald Sutherland and others, that traveled to military bases throughout the United States and in the Philippines, Hawaii, and Okinawa. [We would] perform outside of military bases. I had spoken to hundreds and hundreds of soldiers. I heard their stories. I talked to their wives. It's what later informed Coming Home, which I made in order to help people understand what was happening to men who were coming back from Vietnam. So I had this history with soldiers. It was soldiers that brought me into the antiwar movement, and soldiers that taught me everything I knew about the war."

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