Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I just have to love Juan Cole

Informed Comment: "Matthew Haughey says he won't read our blogs if we use the term 'mainstream media' (a.k.a. MSM).

"A news flash for Matt: We don't care.

"We don't care if you read our web logs.

"The difference, Matt, is that we are independent actors, not part of a small set of multi-billion dollar corporations. The difference is that we are not under the constraints of making a 15% profit. The difference is that we are a distributed information system, whereas MSM is like a set of stand-alone mainframes. The difference is that we can say what we damn well please.

"If we were the mainstream media (perhaps better thought of as corporate media), we would care if you threatened to stop reading us. Because although we might be professional news people, we would have the misfortune to be working for corporations that are mainly be about making money."

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