Wednesday, November 22, 2006

MSNBC won't print this

because it attacks someone else's comments about Wes Clark's op-ed about Iraq.

Gregg says:

"Iraq is far more complicated than any one of you here realize. If the politicians, think-tankers, Bush bashers and everyone none active military would get out of the way, the military could handle this situation ASAP."

Gregg, Iraq is far more complicated than YOU realize. That's why we need someone who does understand it to sort it out. Could you have even found it on a map before we invaded?

BTW, you contradict yourself when you complain that Wes Clark didn't win wars, but ask everyone else to get out of the military's way. The military already won in Iraq, but Wes Clark realizes that war is more than a military problem. You don't. That's why he was a general and you weren't. And for the record I know someone who is being sent to Iraq. Just shared a beer with him AAMOF, and hope to see him again before he goes.

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Anonymous said...

Ugh! Wes Clark did win a war. He saved over a thousand Kosovans and won without losing one American life. He is the only living General other than Collin Powell who has won a war I elive.